Water Softeners

What is a water softener used for?

Water in your home may contain high levels of minerals such as magnesium, calcium, manganese, iron and arsenic. Water that contains these minerals it is considered “hard water”. When these minerals are in your water they can begin clogging up your pipes, water heater, dishwasher, and other water using appliances. Water that contains these minerals may also dry out your hair and skin, and leave soap scum on your dishes and faucets.


With Hague you can expect excellence in chemistry and design in your water softening system. The Hague system offers a multi-compartmentalized chamber with three different water scrubbing devices:

  • Dirt and Sediment Filter
  • Carbon Filter (this removes chlorine odors)
  • High-Capacity, Fine Mesh Resin

The fine mesh resin takes out harmful heavy metals and also includes a self-cleaning bacteriostatic!


The Hague WaterMax water softener offers a unique, patented approach and is The Right Solution™ for meeting your home water needs. In addition to clean, soft water, the WaterMax offers a host of advantages over conventional water softeners by saving:

  • As much as 80% less time
  • As much as 50% less regenerate
  • Up to 80% less water used

WaterMax Features:

  • 25-year limited warranty (on tank and media)
  • Solid-state system control
  • Hague patented control valve
  • Hague patented tank design
  • Built-in 20 micron whole-house filter
  • Customizable multi-compartment tank
  • Directional flow screens
  • Built-in bypass with test port
  • Bacteriostatically-protected resin bed
  • Power outage protection
  • Capacity guard
  • Absolute brining feature
  • Safety shut-off