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Latest installations!

It’s been a while since we’ve posted some updated photos on our website. Here’s what we’ve been up to lately here in central Florida:

This home had lots of issues with hard, stinky and irony water. Not any longer!
The clients also wanted the assurance that they could drink their well water. Reverse osmosis made their assurance satisfactory.

Check back for more updates in the upcoming days…

New Homeowner LOVES His New Water Treatment!

We had a wonderful opportunity recently to do an educational class in Trilogy Orlando about water quality. The people loved it. They got informed. They were satisfied!

One man recently moved into the community and recognized his need to treat his water. Why? For his health, for his home and to preserve his investment! The results:

Hague Watermax to the rescue! You’ll love it as much as this man. Call us today to find out more. It’s a free water test. It’s a free estimate. You have nothing to lose… but everything to gain 😎


From outdated to UPDATED!

When our customers contacted us about fixing up their old water equipment, we were there for them the same day. No need to wait, right?

Their equipment was 5 years old, but it was old technology and wasn’t designed to handle the hot Florida sunshine. Outcome: cracked seal on lip of fiberglass tank, media needed to be rebedded, and softener wasn’t working properly. It was an estimated cost of $500-600 to repair… what would you do? Patch up and hope for the best, or go with the permanent solution?

Our clients made the best choice with ditching their outdated system and got an UPGRADE! The Hague WaterMax was and is the best solution for chlorinated, city water. With 5 different filtering media (Chloristat, Ultra-fil, catalytic carbon, fine mesh resin, and bacteriostat… as well as a self cleaning, 20 micron, built in sediment filter!) this system is more than a softener. It truly is top of the line for all your water quality needs.

Contact us today to find out how you too can benefit from this system and love your water!

Before and after photos of the installation. Total time from start to finish, including removal of old equipment and flushing new media in new system and conversing with the proud new owners of their system: 3 hours. You too can sleep easy tonight, as they did, knowing that you love your water ❤️

New installation in Silver Springs, Florida!

Over 250 ppm hardness and 10 ppm of ferrous iron, with some added tannins. This Hague Watermax and added carbon tank provided all that was needed to give this family pure water!

One week after installation we went and visited the family to see how they are enjoying their new system. The wife said she loves it! And she especially loves the reverse osmosis drinking water system under her sink! Now she finally feels safe with drinking her well water.

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