Reverse Osmosis


Commonly used in both commercial and residential applications, reverse osmosis is a water filtration process that is used to provide the purest quality of water for drinking, food preparation, and even life support. Reverse osmosis (R.O.) membranes have a dense barrier, developed to allow only water to permeate while preventing the passage of dissolved solids, such as salt ions. Hague drinking water systems use advanced reverse osmosis filtration technology to transform low-quality tap water into high-quality drinking water by removing bacteria and viruses from your water. But better drinking water is just one benefit enjoyed with a drinking water system! Having quality water will also enhance the taste of foods and drinks prepared with pure water. You will also notice the pure water difference in cleaner dishes, brighter laundry, and softer skin.


Our 5 stage reverse osmosis unit features a non-electric permeate pump that fills the storage tank five times faster than a conventional RO unit.

  • No More Bottled Water
  • Maintains Water Pressure Within 5 lbs. of Line Pressure.
  • 5 Times Faster Than a Conventional RO Unit.
  • Non-Electric Operation

The H6500 RO system features:

  • 25-year limited warranty
  • Advanced membrane technology
  • Non-electric operation
  • Efficiency, even on water pressure as low as 30 psi
  •  33% more tank pressure for increased flow and volume
  • Holding tank which fills up to 5 times faster than other systems
  • Complete pre-testing
  • Inclusion of a long-reach dispensing spigot with air gap

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