When our clients contacted us, they informed us that their old water softener wasn’t working any longer. After a thorough examination and water testing, the conclusion was clear: a new softener was essential.

Their old system lasted them nearly 20 years, however it was outdated in that it took several hours to regenerate, used 100+ gallons per regeneration and about 9 lbs of salt as well.

They were ecstatic to get into the 21st century with the Hague WaterMax! This softener uses only 2.7 lbs of salt (at the most, depending on the amount of water used… it could use as little as 1.0 lb!), takes about 25 minutes and only 30 gallons of water to clean.

If you’re reading this blog post and you realize that you want to save lots of money, as well as help preserve the environment by using little resources to have clean and soft water, then please contact us today so we can help you!