When our client called us to install a brand new, 25 year warranty Hague WaterMax water softener whole house system, we were not surprised. People that know and understand quality know that Hague is head above the rest and far beyond!

What we didn’t know is that when they moved from the south Florida area to Homosassa Springs, that they previously owned a Hague water softener and used that as a selling perk for selling their home. So when they moved, it was a no brainer for them to get the best the industry has to offer.

They love the fact that the Hague system uses very little water to clean the system (which saves on your water bill or saves on your well pump!), very little salt to clean the system (their setup uses about 2 pounds of salt every 4 days –> about 15 pounds of salt per month –> only 180 pounds per year! [we include 200 pounds of salt for free when we install]), and uses very little time to clean the system (total of 28 minutes as compared to 1-3 hours for other systems! Yikes!)

You too can know the blessing of having such a great system at such an affordable price. Call us today to find out more!

Certified Installer, Barry, is pictured among the supplies of the installation getting the home ready for pure, clean water!

The client was 100% satisfied with this installation!