When we got a call from a lady in Sorrento, we were under the impression that all she needed was her water tested for contaminants. Little did we know what our noses would experience! 🥴

This dear woman had equipment for her well water, but from day 1 it never removed the rotten egg odor! How sad to pay for something that doesn’t work properly! After her test, we gave her the options… and lo and behold she made the correct decision! How thankful we are for her.

Here is a picture of her old units:

While this system did remove the hardness from her water, it did nothing for her sulfur, except make it worse! By not using the proper media in her first tank, the sulfur smell built up in her softener and made her water even more stinky and had lots of black discoloration. YUCK!

So what could we do for her???

Of course Hague has the solution! Now she has no issues whatsoever with her water. No more black staining! No more build up! No more stinky, rotten egg smell!

Happy camper???? Yes, we would definitely say so!