Benefits Of Water Testing


Whether you are concerned about your water, or just want to be sure the quality of your water is up to your standards, a water test is the best option. Your water test should include (at a minimum) testing for hardness, iron, and chlorine. Your independent Hague dealer has the equipment to test your water accurately, and as always, it is free! The Hague representatives of Advanced Environmental Water Systems Inc can also demonstrate the value of clean water from a water filtration system.

Water treatment benefits include:

  • Pure water for cooking and drinking
  • White, brighter, and cleaner clothes
  • Better performance and longer appliance life
  • Preservation of pipes and fixtures
  • Elimination of bottled water expense

Common Water Problems

Hard Water. When your home’s water contains minerals it is considered “hard.” This hardness affects the taste of your water as well as its efficiency. Hard water is tough on pipes as it flows through your home and can leave soap scum behind on your dishes and faucets.

Bad Taste & Odor in Water. Whether natural or man-made elements are added to your drinking water, the result may be an offensive taste and odor. The “rotten egg” odor, “swimming pool” smell and metallic taste are just some of the descriptions frequently reported by consumers.

Rust Stains. When you water contains iron, you will quickly notice rust and black-colored stains on your sinks, toilets, and showers. You can also notice stains on your laundry. If your water appears cloudy or yellowish, it may also contain iron.

Additional testing for specific minerals, viruses, and bacteria cannot be done outside of a lab.