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Latest installations!

It’s been a while since we’ve posted some updated photos on our website. Here’s what we’ve been up to lately here in central Florida:

This home had lots of issues with hard, stinky and irony water. Not any longer!
The clients also wanted the assurance that they could drink their well water. Reverse osmosis made their assurance satisfactory.

Check back for more updates in the upcoming days…

New Homeowner LOVES His New Water Treatment!

We had a wonderful opportunity recently to do an educational class in Trilogy Orlando about water quality. The people loved it. They got informed. They were satisfied!

One man recently moved into the community and recognized his need to treat his water. Why? For his health, for his home and to preserve his investment! The results:

Hague Watermax to the rescue! You’ll love it as much as this man. Call us today to find out more. It’s a free water test. It’s a free estimate. You have nothing to lose… but everything to gain 😎


From outdated to UPDATED!

When our customers contacted us about fixing up their old water equipment, we were there for them the same day. No need to wait, right?

Their equipment was 5 years old, but it was old technology and wasn’t designed to handle the hot Florida sunshine. Outcome: cracked seal on lip of fiberglass tank, media needed to be rebedded, and softener wasn’t working properly. It was an estimated cost of $500-600 to repair… what would you do? Patch up and hope for the best, or go with the permanent solution?

Our clients made the best choice with ditching their outdated system and got an UPGRADE! The Hague WaterMax was and is the best solution for chlorinated, city water. With 5 different filtering media (Chloristat, Ultra-fil, catalytic carbon, fine mesh resin, and bacteriostat… as well as a self cleaning, 20 micron, built in sediment filter!) this system is more than a softener. It truly is top of the line for all your water quality needs.

Contact us today to find out how you too can benefit from this system and love your water!

Before and after photos of the installation. Total time from start to finish, including removal of old equipment and flushing new media in new system and conversing with the proud new owners of their system: 3 hours. You too can sleep easy tonight, as they did, knowing that you love your water ❤️

Out with the old and in with the new!

When our clients contacted us, they informed us that their old water softener wasn’t working any longer. After a thorough examination and water testing, the conclusion was clear: a new softener was essential.

Their old system lasted them nearly 20 years, however it was outdated in that it took several hours to regenerate, used 100+ gallons per regeneration and about 9 lbs of salt as well.

They were ecstatic to get into the 21st century with the Hague WaterMax! This softener uses only 2.7 lbs of salt (at the most, depending on the amount of water used… it could use as little as 1.0 lb!), takes about 25 minutes and only 30 gallons of water to clean.

If you’re reading this blog post and you realize that you want to save lots of money, as well as help preserve the environment by using little resources to have clean and soft water, then please contact us today so we can help you!

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From Stinky Water to Happiness!

When we got a call from a lady in Sorrento, we were under the impression that all she needed was her water tested for contaminants. Little did we know what our noses would experience! 🥴

This dear woman had equipment for her well water, but from day 1 it never removed the rotten egg odor! How sad to pay for something that doesn’t work properly! After her test, we gave her the options… and lo and behold she made the correct decision! How thankful we are for her.

Here is a picture of her old units:

While this system did remove the hardness from her water, it did nothing for her sulfur, except make it worse! By not using the proper media in her first tank, the sulfur smell built up in her softener and made her water even more stinky and had lots of black discoloration. YUCK!

So what could we do for her???

Of course Hague has the solution! Now she has no issues whatsoever with her water. No more black staining! No more build up! No more stinky, rotten egg smell!

Happy camper???? Yes, we would definitely say so!

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Homosassa Springs client is ecstatic about their new Hague!

When our client called us to install a brand new, 25 year warranty Hague WaterMax water softener whole house system, we were not surprised. People that know and understand quality know that Hague is head above the rest and far beyond!

What we didn’t know is that when they moved from the south Florida area to Homosassa Springs, that they previously owned a Hague water softener and used that as a selling perk for selling their home. So when they moved, it was a no brainer for them to get the best the industry has to offer.

They love the fact that the Hague system uses very little water to clean the system (which saves on your water bill or saves on your well pump!), very little salt to clean the system (their setup uses about 2 pounds of salt every 4 days –> about 15 pounds of salt per month –> only 180 pounds per year! [we include 200 pounds of salt for free when we install]), and uses very little time to clean the system (total of 28 minutes as compared to 1-3 hours for other systems! Yikes!)

You too can know the blessing of having such a great system at such an affordable price. Call us today to find out more!

Certified Installer, Barry, is pictured among the supplies of the installation getting the home ready for pure, clean water!

The client was 100% satisfied with this installation!

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Two MILLION dollar home: Orlando, Fl

Now you may be wondering… what do I do if I have a two million dollar home that has two water inlets on either side of the mansion? How do I treat my water so that I can protect my million dollar investment?


That’s what this client selected and preferred. They know the quality of Hague Quality Water. Do you???

The Evolution of an Installation

We recently had the opportunity to install a brand new Hague WaterMax and Reverse Osmosis in Ocala, Fl.

Allow us to demonstrate to you the evolution of an installation… from impure water to pure water. It only takes a few hours!

As you can see it’s a lot of work, but it’s well worth it! In case you didn’t know, the Hague WaterMax softener has a built in water 💦 meter that lets you know if water is being used in the house. Very handy if you suspect you might have a leak!

Contact us today to find out how you could have such pristine water in your own home at a very affordable price! We would love to test your water at no cost to you.

100 year old home got an upgrade!

Located in Mount Dora, this beautiful 100 year old home was in need of some improvements. The lovely couple that recently purchased it decided that the best way to keep this home in the 21st century was with some quality water treatment equipment – Hague Quality Water that is!

There aren’t too many people in central Florida that have a basement, and most of our customers put their equipment either in the garage or next to their house… so this project was unique indeed. Here is a picture of the basement before the installation:

The basement was nice and cozy, but as you can see there is something eerily missing… something that would provide this home with pure and clean water… something that would cause the owners to have great joy… but what could it be?

Oh! There it is! The Hague Watermax softener system! What a perfect addition to the family! But wait… could there be more???

In the kitchen, there! Can you see it? Hiding in the distance… what can it be? The Hague H6500 Reverse Osmosis drinking water system! The filters only need to be changed every 1-2 years and it makes 50 gallons of pure-better-than-bottled-water water!

But how does this water get into the cup of the owner??? Let’s look above the countertop and see what we can find…

Isn’t she lovely? That faucet found a permanent friend. One provides the owners with clean water for washing the dishes and their hands, the latter provides them with pure drinking water free from contaminants, chemicals, bacteria, viruses, pesticides and herbicides.

Question is: when will you get yours? Call us now at 866-305-9200 to find out more and schedule your no cost water test. You won’t be disappointed!