Located in Mount Dora, this beautiful 100 year old home was in need of some improvements. The lovely couple that recently purchased it decided that the best way to keep this home in the 21st century was with some quality water treatment equipment – Hague Quality Water that is!

There aren’t too many people in central Florida that have a basement, and most of our customers put their equipment either in the garage or next to their house… so this project was unique indeed. Here is a picture of the basement before the installation:

The basement was nice and cozy, but as you can see there is something eerily missing… something that would provide this home with pure and clean water… something that would cause the owners to have great joy… but what could it be?

Oh! There it is! The Hague Watermax softener system! What a perfect addition to the family! But wait… could there be more???

In the kitchen, there! Can you see it? Hiding in the distance… what can it be? The Hague H6500 Reverse Osmosis drinking water system! The filters only need to be changed every 1-2 years and it makes 50 gallons of pure-better-than-bottled-water water!

But how does this water get into the cup of the owner??? Let’s look above the countertop and see what we can find…

Isn’t she lovely? That faucet found a permanent friend. One provides the owners with clean water for washing the dishes and their hands, the latter provides them with pure drinking water free from contaminants, chemicals, bacteria, viruses, pesticides and herbicides.

Question is: when will you get yours? Call us now at 866-305-9200 to find out more and schedule your no cost water test. You won’t be disappointed!